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tv   News 13 at 430am  ABC  January 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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3 remember... you can stay on top of all weather watches, warnings and alerts with our weather app. you can download it for free. just search for wlos in your app store. 3 3 3 all new this morning... we have learned that one of the marines still missing after a helicopter crash in hawaii is from the upstate. the u-s marine corps says 22-year-old sergeant jeffrey sempler, is from woodruff. he is one of 12 service memebers that rescue crews are still searching for. two helicopters collided and crashed off the island of oahu on thursday. a navy ship with sonar equipment is being brought in to conduct an underwater search. coast guard officials stress they are still searching for survivors. 3
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3 happening today... crews will return to town mountain road in just a few hours... to continue clean-up on a rockslide. it happened around 2:15 sunday afternoon. no one was hurt, but it shut down both lanes of traffic for several hours. the d-o-t opened up one lane of traffic before calling it a night. several people stopped by the area to snap pictures and take a look at the boulder blocking the road. 3 steve white18:14-19i've lived here probably 14 years and never seen anything quite like this.joe sechler6:54-56it's going to be a big job, knocking that big boy loose. crews say the recent rain, and moisture re-freezing likely caused the slide. it's not clear how soon the road will fully reopen. 3 3 the haywood county sheriff's office is looking for two armed robbers. the crime happened at galloway's convenience store friday night. deputies say at least one of the suspects waved his gun and demanded money. both suspects were wearing red hoodies with dark pants, and dark ball caps. anyone with information is asked to call the haywood county sheriff's office. 3 3 3 we have an update this morning on an armed robbery in hendersonville. police have
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man. this is a surveillance photo of the incident last thursday night at the triangle convenience store on chimney rock road. 34-year-old andrew dalton is charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon. he is being held on 60-thousand- dollars bond. he's expected to make his first court appearance tomorrow. 3 3 3 3 a man is accused of killing another man at a homeless shelter in fayetteville. 33-year-old antonio cooper is charged with the murder of "ricky penny." police did not give a motive for the killing, but say penny died from blows to the head. authorities are now looking for penny's family. cooper is being held without bond at the cumberland county jail. 3 3 a experienced skydiver dies after a hard landing near raleigh. deputies in franklin county say james stremmel was jumping at the triangle skydiving center near a small airport when it happened. this is a photo of him... right before the jump. deputies and the federal aviation administration are investigating the death, including whether stremmel's parachute deployed properly. 3 3 eight inmates at a north carolina state prison overdose
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says inmates at the harnett correctional institution appeared to get sick after using synthetic marijuana. four inmates were admitted to the hospital, and three remained in the emergency room yesterday. one inmate was returned to the prison. police are investigating the incident, along with prison officials. 3 3 3 support is pouring in for a police officer in utah killed in the line of duty. officer doug barney went after two suspects who fled from a traffic accident. the governor of utah says flags will be lowered in the state for barney's funeral. a local sheriff describes what happened to the fallen officer. 3 1- 10 "it appears an individual fired what appears to be a single round at officer barney, striking him in the head." officials say another officer was shot and wounded by the same suspect, before police killed him. the second suspect has been arrested and is being questioned in connection with the shooting. 3 3 police are investigating the deaths of three people in
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say their bodies were found in a home in geneseo. they include one woman and two men, all in their twenties. authorities believe the perpetrator of the deaths... was one of the victims. police say no guns were involved, but they found a knife at the scene. 3 29-44 "again, it's still early in our investigation, but with some of the information that was located at the scene, it gives us some preliminary information that we can say that one of the individuals may have been the perpetrator on scene. all three were current or former students of the nearby state university of new york at geneseo. police plan to release more information this afternoon. 3 3 police arrest a suspect who caused a three-hour lockdown at the pennsylvania state university. a penn state news site says the suspect is a father who threatened to hurt his two children who are students there. the site also says he was arrested away from the campus. he reportedly was not in the area when he made the threat. 3
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four children were hospitalized after a tornado toppled a mobile home in florida. you can see extensive damage in and around siesta key. some homes were ravaged by the tornado. two people even had to be pulled out from the rubble. luckily, they are expected to be okay. no one was seriously hurt, but several homes were damaged or destroyed. 3 3 3 some of the americans freed in a prisoner swap with iran are one step closer to reuniting with their families. as reid binion reports... they are now in germany... and will soon be back in the u-s. 3 3
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3 happening today, warren wilson college is having its annual day of service to honor doctor martin luther king, junior. students, faculty,
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hall fletcher elementary school, to help clean, garden and organize classrooms. unc-a will also hold their day of service. the annual m-l-k peace march will start at 11- 30 this morning at saint james a-m-e church in asheville. it will end with an event at pack square park. and remember, all banks and government offices are closed for the holiday today. 3 3 also happening today, free health screenings are being offered here in the mountains. park ridge health partnered with arden "adventist church" to put on the arden community health fair. it is to help the un-insured and under-insured. the event provides free screenings for things like blood pressure, hearing and vision. 3 dr. dewayne butcher, organizer we still find that a lot of people may have insurance but the deductable is so high that its not practically helping them as much as they'd like." the event is from eight to noonat arden adventist church on airport road. appointments are *not* required. 3 3 the panthers advance to the n-f-c championship for the first time since 2005. they
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to 24 in yesterday's game. the broncos also advance in the playoffs. denver beat the pittsburgh steelers 20 to 16. coming up at five, we'll have highlights from the games.3 3 3 3 3 betty white is still going strong, 94-years later. when
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3 time for this morning's see it, shoot it, send it, picture. this photo comes to us from yvonne. now this is what playing in the snow is all about, making snow angels. and you can tell by the boy's face, he is having a lot of fun. you can send us your pictures and video too. just log on to w-l-o-s dot com. or e-mail them to pics at w-l-o-s dot com. 3 3 the time is now 4:xx. two videos going viral with the same number of views. see
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3 it's time for this morning's viral video... ad lib3 1.3 million com/watch?v=dkl8ybkvrbybest way to buffet 1.3 mil com/watch?v=9o28lj9jeok
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3 it's now 4:xx. here is a look at what you can expect for the next three days. 3 3 3 3 tracy morgan is making a comeback. when and where you
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3 in this morning's the buzz, more heartbreaking news for celine dion. according to a family statement, her brother, daniel dion, died saturday after a battle with cancer. daniel dion was one of celine's 13 siblings. he leaves behind two adult daughters, two grandchildren and an extended family of nieces and nephews. his funeral will take place later this month in quebec, where the dion children were raised. he was 59-years-old. this comes after her husband, rene an-gel-eel, died last thursday. 3 tracy morgan is coming back to t-v. the actor and comedian is set to star in a pilot for a potential f-x comedy. according to entertainment weekly, morgan will play a career criminal released from prison after 15 years, hoping to blend into society. morgan has slowly re-surfaced in the public eye since a 20-14 crash that left him seriously injured and killed a close
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3 betty white is still going strong. the actress turned 94 years old yesterday. white has worked in show business since the 19-40s. but, she may be best known for her role as sweet and clueless rose on "the golden girls" white was recognized in the guinness world records' 2014 edition for having the longest tv career for a female entertainer. and she shows no sign of slowing down. white has said "retirement is not in my vocabulary." 3 the country band "back road anthem" honored their late band mate craig strickland. strickland was found dead more than a week after he went missing in a powerful storm at oklahoma's kaw lake. the 29 year old was duck hunting with his friend, chase morland, last month when the storm hit. morland was also found dead. the event sold out so fast, they had another concert. 3 (no name provided)"craig always greeted me with a hug or a handshake, a real professional and will be surely missed."
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3 3 3 3 here is a look at current conditions.. in our next half hour we'll talk more about what to expect in the next 7- days. 3 3 some are asking if doctor mc- dreamy has had some work done. next.. the picture of patrick dempsey that could have the
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3 it's 4:xx it's t-m-z time. jay, t-v's most popular judge is blaming "el nino" for being
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judy's private jet was damaged but the weather system. the aircraft was parked at naples municipal airport when wind gusts soard to 80-miles-per hour. according to t-m-z, the winds pushed the front of the plane upward, sending fuel toward the back which caused the backside to hit the ground. judy and her husband live in naples. ronda rousey has a lot to be excited about. she is set to star in the road house reboot, she might land the cover of sports illustrated swimsuit edition, and she is hosting saturday night live this saturday. patrick dempsey will always be mcdreamy. here's a 21-year-old version of the super smooth actor at a movie premiere in 19-87 and 28 years later, a more stubbly snapshot of the grey's god -- who turned 50 earlier this week -- at a charity screening in los now t-m-z wants to know if its good genes or a good doctor? 3 3 here is a look at current conditions.. here are your
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up next.. we'll talk about what to expect in the extended forecast. 3 3 3 3 coming up in our next half hour... the panthers win is making doughnut lovers happy. the sweet deal krispy kreme is
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3 this puppy is seeing snow for the first time... and wondering what to do with it! laurie morin sent us this picture and says the dog's name is holly. and it looks like she's having a fun time playing. the dog is just gorgeous. animals always seem to have fun no matter what
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3 good morning... it's monday, january 18th. i'm holly headrick. and i'm jay siltzer. we have sub freezing temperatures here in the mountains. 3 3 3 3 3 light snow overnight covered some roads in madison county. news 13's lauren brigman continues our live team coverage of the winter weather. lauren... what did d-o-t tell
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